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Live Previews

Pickle’s live previews of animations, game terrain, and seamless patterns update in real time as you edit.

Wrapping Canvas

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the current frame on your canvas one pixel at a time.

The image will wrap around, helping to reveal hard edges or misaligned patterns in your seamless tiles.

Import Sprite Sheets

You can import sprite sheets created in Photoshop or other graphic editing applications and edit them in Pickle.

Set the tile width and height and Pickle will automatically create separate frames for your animation or terrain preview.

Full Screen Mode

Go full screen and maximize your working area. Resize and arrange panels to suit your working style.

Canvas Zooming

#1 most requested feature!

No more cramped, constrained canvas area. Resize the panel to make it as large as you like.

Pickle Documents

Save your in-progress sprites using Pickle’s new document format.

Pickle documents save animation and frame settings, along with the document color palette.

Marquee Selection Tool

Use the marquee tool to select areas of your drawing to move, fill or delete.

Add or subtract from selection areas with the Shift and Alt/Option keys.

Rotate & Flip Tools

Rotate right or left.
Flip horizontal or vertical.

Mirrored Drawing Mode

Draw symmetrically across the X or Y axis (or both).

Mirrored drawing is helpful for drawing symmetrical elements like faces.

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